This is what I am seeing

As a Buyer, I know that this Seller’s Market can be extremely frustrating. I don’t know if you see it, though I have seen the market slow ever so slightly. It could be the summer months or the past holiday. However, I am sensing less of the panic that we saw months ago. Buyers are starting to be more strategic in their offerings.

No doubt we are seeing some sellers being greedy – overpricing in an already overpriced market.  Some are not pulling the property together as they would have done a year ago.

I have to tell you that properties may be snagged up within hours of listing, though deals are not getting to the closing table. They are falling through for various reasons – Buyer’s remorse. Lackluster inspections. Low appraisals. Buyers are walking away for a good reason – they are paying top dollar, paying over list price, and expecting more.

Hang in there and remember that I am a phone call away at (317) 625-0655.