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In my 40+ years in the business, my background includes tenures as a builder, rehabber, property manager, appraiser, inspector, lender, and Realtor. Now, that’s a lot of hats to have worn— but what does that mean to you…. I have built quite a network over the years of people I trust. Need a referral, call me at (317) 625-0655.

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Before Making an Offer on a House, Make Sure to Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Questions First

Making an offer on a home is a big decision. And if you need help making that decision, one of the best resources at your disposal is ME, your real estate agent.

Asking your agent the right questions can help you gain invaluable insight on whether to make an offer on a particular property and, if so, what that offer should be. But what, exactly, are those questions?

recent article from outlined questions buyers should ask their real estate agent before putting an offer in on a home, including:

    • What is the sales history of this home? Before you make an offer on a home, you’ll want to ask your agent about the property’s sales history, and how that history might inform your offer. For example, if it’s been listed and taken off the market multiple times, that could indicate that it’s been hard to sell, which could mean you could get the home for a lower price than comparable properties.
    • What’s going on in the neighborhood? When buying a home, the actual property isn’t the only thing you need to consider; the neighborhood is equally important. Before you make an offer, ask your agent about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Legally, your agent can’t tell you anything about the neighborhood’s demographics, but they can tell you about recent housing trends and economic factors that could impact whether investing in that neighborhood makes sense for you.
    • Would you make an offer on this home? Sometimes, the best thing you can do before making an offer on a home is ask your agent to put themselves in your shoes and ask them if they themselves would buy the home. If they have any reservations, you might want to rethink whether it’s a smart move for you to make an offer.

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