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How Well Is My Home Insulated

Boy, we are getting blasted with snow as well as below-average temperatures this week in Indy! These temps got me thinking about insulation. Like how well did I insulate those storage spaces (aka attic) when I built the house.

Using the attic as storage space isn’t a bad practice. In fact, with space as roomy as the attic (and not as wet as a basement), it makes perfect sense to use that space. However, typically attics are not insulated. In these colder months, it could be the culprit of that high heating bill. Need some ideas on how you can keep your home warm this winter, Read on

2020 Land Sales in Hamilton County, Indiana 



3-4.99 Acres
There were 14 sales, with the average sale price being $30,872/A.  Marketing time was very fast with lots taking a median average of just 24 days to sell!  Discounts from asking price were slim, with the average discount being less than 5% off.

5-9.99 Acres
There were 19 sales, with the average sale price being $23,845/A.  Marketing time for this segment was longer, with the median average coming in at 139.  That probably played a role in discounts being a little more prevalent.  The average discount from asking was 10%.

10-19.99 Acres
There were 17 sales in this group, with the average sale price being $18,443/A.  Marketing time for this segment was longer still, with the median being 229 days.  The average discount was just over 2%.

20+ Acres
8 sales were recorded, with average sale price being $11,625/A.  Median marketing time was just 69 days.  The average discount was nearly 15%.



No surprise, as the volume of acres increased the price per acre decreased.  There are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of a given piece of ground, with just one of those factors being the total number of acres being purchased.

Well, that’s a wrap for 2020. What will this next year bring? Time will only tell. If you are looking for a piece of land, give me a call at (317) 625-0655 and let’s talk specifics. Let 2021 be the year!