Posts made in March 2021

Let Me Be a Resource

So it appears last week’s email resonated with a few of you. (If you missed it – I announced a home I just listed SOLD within days, and my client’s 30-day project remodel yielded an additional $30K than anticipated. It was one heck of a success story!!) 

Well, I got a few calls. Telling me that I was NUTS to think an EXTENSIVE 30-day project remodel could be done in today’s environment. I, of course, had to inquire since my client JUST pulled it off.

“I called XYZ a week ago, and I am still waiting for a phone call back.”

“And when they do call back, the quotes are so inflated; they must have thought that I said I lived in Carmel.”

“My wife called and said the Contractors did not show up again.”

So how did my client do it???

She had me. In this industry, Relationships and Experience Matters. With over 40+ years of experience, I have been involved in every aspect of the biz. A Buyer / A Seller. An Appraiser. An Inspector. A Builder. A Contractor. That experience brings a wealth of contacts and not just any contacts either. Time-tested partners that I would trust you with.

So give me a call or text at 317-625-0655, and let me help – wherever you are in the journey!

How to Make Opportunities

This is just what we do…..

A few months back, I get a call from a 93-year old widow telling me, “It’s time.” She needs to downsize from the 3-story house that she has cherished for over 46+ years. You can imagine the stories she told me as I  walked the property (inside and out), giving my two cents on what improvements could/should be done to yield a quick sale as well as sell for the most money.

After hearing me out, she got started on an EXTENSIVE 30-day project remodel. And I mean extensive. The house had some good bones though it needed to be updated to appeal to today’s buyer. The first thing to go was the red shag carpet 😊. All new hardwoods went in with a brand-new kitchen. New appliances, new granite countertops, new lighting features! I think she had second thoughts on moving when it was all said and done. LOL

I am happy to announce the home SOLD within days, and the remodel yielded an additional $30K than anticipated.

Now, not all homes that go on the market need an extensive remodel though you need the right advice on what to do (or not to do) to sell in today’s market. Give me a call or text at 317-625-0655 and let me help!

Local Market Review: February 2021

Housing data released by the MIBOR BLC® comparing February 2020 to February 2021 shows:

  • An increase in Median Sales Price of 18.9 percent to $223,500
  • An increase in Closed Sales of 6.1 percent to 2,243
  • New Listings decrease 24.0 percent to 2,178

The Indy median sales price is at an all-time February high. Inventory continues to be at an all-time low. The CONTINUED HIGH DEMAND makes it an optimal time to consider making a move. Give me a call at (317) 625-0655 to discuss your options.