Posts made in March 2017

Median Home Price Now $152,000

MIBOR reports sales in February 2017 to be on a par with those of a year ago; with exactly 1984 properties sold in each month.  New listings were down slightly from a year ago.  Following twelve months of increasing sales and lagging new listings, Kinventory is down 24% from a year ago.  All of that has pushed prices upwards 13% with the median home sale price now $152,000.

Around the office here things have been crazy busy with LOTS of showings, offers, inspections, negotiations— and even more so with work to help people get mortgage pre-qualified and rolling on finding a new home.  If we can be of service in helping you to find that perfect home, be sure to write or call me.

“I work harder to make good things happen!”  -Bob

New 1% Down Payment Program

My trustworthy man at Ruoff Mortgage, Alan Pressley, tells me they have a brand new Conventional loan program out— and it only requires a 1% cash down payment from the home buyer.  Actually it gets even better!  The loan is actually a K3% down product, but Ruoff is putting up the other 2%.  (How out them apples!)

These mortgage loans can be used to purchase single family homes.  And you do not have to be a first time home buyer!  A 680 credit score is required for this program.  Keep in mind, however, there are other programs that are somewhat similar and at least one that only requires a 660 credit score.  One things for certain— There are a lot more loan programs than there were 2-3 years ago.  Which makes NOW a great time to do biz with someone who can connect you with other people who can make good things happen!!

“I work harder to make good things happen!”  -Bob

Lock n’ Load

Yesterday was a long, busy day- at my desk by 7 AM, showed houses to 5 different people, then wrote 2 offers before I called it quits around 9:00.  But… it didn’t get really crazy until this morning when I got ready to write up an offer on the last house we saw last night.  It just hit the market yesterday and two other parties were looking at it while we were.  My

Kguy decided this morning that he wants this house.  I suspected someone else might also want it.  So I texted the listing agent to see if they’d received any offers.  He already had 3!  (Not bad for the first day.  LOL)  Well, I crunched the numbers and it checked out, so my client decided to add 1 more offer to the mix.  Now that’s determination!

Like I’ve been preaching— if you’re wanting to buy a new home, get pre-qualified by a good lender (I know a guy, and a gal) and when you go looking by all means come ready to do business. 

“I work harder to make good things happen!”  -Bob