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Top Choice Real Estate (formally known as Indy's Choice Real Estate) is an Indiana Limited Liability Company that was formed in 2005, the outgrowth of predecessor initiatives and ventures of founder Bob Morris. Top Choice Real Estate is an Indiana licensed real estate brokerage. It is a member of the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS® ('MIBOR') and its BLC®.

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Meet Bob Morris [License #RB14030047]


Bob Morris started in the business early, just as he does each day. He began his career in real estate in 1976. He has built up an extensive resume throughout the years and has served many different roles. His experience has been diverse, but it has also run deep. The combination makes him uniquely qualified to provide the type of services demanded by the present real estate market. Bob has served a number of different roles that aid him in the operation of our real estate firm.

Remodeling Contractor
In the beginning, Bob swung a hammer and paintbrush, completing dozens of residential and commercial projects. He cites as one of his more interesting projects the raising of a house off its foundation so that they could remove and then re-build the basement. Another of his favorite jobs was moving a house two miles down Main Street!

Property Manager
Bob coupled his business with a property management role that served private investors in the residential market, with services for both single-family and multi-family homes. A complete menu of services was provided, including leasing, property management, maintenance, repair, and asset management. His biggest challenge in this regard came when the company successfully leased up a new apartment project and then rolled out the entire move-in on the same day. He learned early on and in the trenches what it takes to manage the property successfully.

Home Inspector
Because of the broad nature of his skills, Bob was often enlisted by REALTORS® to perform inspections for homes or lenders.

Bob originally obtained his license in 1980 and has held licenses in both Colorado and Indiana. His funniest moment came when he walked in to take the broker’s exam for the first time and realized that he had forgotten to bring a calculator. Nevertheless, he was the first one done using all of his fingers and toes.

Home Builder
Never one to turn back from a challenge, during the precarious market of the early 1980s, Bob built single-family homes and condos. His construction experience allows him to take notice of problems many would miss while also pointing out to clients any opportunities that might be possible with a property layout or design.

An outgrowth of his property management and home building experience, he undertook to develop two apartment complexes. Bob took them from design, engineering, and zoning clear through paving and landscaping and everything in between.

He expanded his skill set to include appraising and came to provide reports for FHA, VA, banks, mortgage lenders, and private investors. This experience has afforded Bob the skills required to value properties accurately even in this challenging market and share that info with his clients. This can help people take advantage of under-priced houses and to price homes to sell fast.

Mortgage Lender
Beginning in 1992 and continuing until 2009, Bob was a leading originator, where one of his specialties became construction loans. He was oft promoted to management roles and led one company to become the #2 ranked broker in the state. He led another to expand into five states and grow 66% while the market was contracting. He managed both sales and operations, and at times, he was responsible for quality control and governmental compliance, among many others.

Commercial Inspector
Bob added CRE Inspections to his comprehensive list of skills following his mortgage years. Like many of his earlier additions, this was largely a matter of synthesizing and organizing skillsets he had developed while wearing other industry hats. He served major banks and investors across the US and Canada, performing due diligence work on their behalf.

Real Estate Problem Solver
Put all of the above together, and this is what you get. Bob brings the necessary skills and a steadfast approach to make good things happen for his clients.

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Meet Dave Grenoble

David Genoble Image

Dave Grenoble joined Top Choice Real Estate (formally known as Indy's Choice Real Estate) in May of 2017 after getting his broker license in November 2015. Previously, Dave spent 30 years in sales, marketing, and advertising and held several management positions in his previous career. Nothing lights up his face quite like talking about the time he spent as a coach in youth sports, including high school wrestling.

"Real estate is a lot like coaching. My job is to give the buyer or seller all the information I can to make a good decision or coach people through the process to come out better and more successful. If people are looking for a salesman to tell them how pretty the countertops are or how cute this house is, I'm not the guy."

Dave says the biggest surprise to him was, "after selling and buying two homes myself, and all the years in sales, I was shocked at how little I knew about real estate, and it's a lot more than sticking a sign in the yard."

Dave is married to his long-time partner and best friend, Cindy Newman Grenoble, and they have three children: 2 girls and a boy, along with 5 grandchildren ranging from 2 to 18.

"I love my children and all they have accomplished, and I'm very excited about my grandkids. The oldest, Christopher, starts at Manchester University in the fall on a baseball scholarship."

Born in Beech Grove and raised in Southport, Dave is a true Southsider but has sold properties all over Marion County and Johnson County since he started his new career.

"I tell people to keep in mind that this is a business transaction and not let it get personal. I need to take that advice sometimes; I treat all my clients as if my job is to protect them just like I do my family."