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6 Best Months to Sell

Which are the six best months to sell your house?? Most people would venture to say June-July-August and then say ‘Definitely not December or January”.  Looking back over available inventory and sales activity during the past year, here are the months I found to have the most sales activity per individual listing.

  1. April
  2. March
  3. May
  4. June
  5. February
  6. January

I used sales per listing as my yard stick because if you have a lot of competition for a given property, then multiple offers are likely and prices are going to get bid up.  It’s ECON 101 – basic supply and demand.  Tax Day or April 15th is about the peak, with the peak 🗻 season covering the first six months of the year.

And just in case you’re curious, here’s how the rest of the year shakes out:

  1. July
  2. August
  3. September
  4. October
  5. December
  6. November

So, if you’ve got a house 🏠 on the market currently, you’re wading through the time of year when the number of buyers underwhelm listingsSoon, very soon, the tide will turn.  If you’re wanting to sell your house, then come January 1, you might want to get your house on the market.  If you’re not quite sure what to do to get it ready or what to price it at… easy, peazy – give us a call.  No strings attached!   We are here to help!