The Top Choice Real Estate Selling Agents in Indianapolis

Whether you are looking to move to a smaller home or are upgrading for an expanding family, selling a property can be frustrating without the right team on your side. Top Choice Real Estate brings real-world experience as appraisers, lenders, remodeling contractors, and real estate selling agents in Indianapolis. We help you sell your real estate properties for the most money and in the shortest time! Contact us for a consultation for your services.

The Bottom Line

To be successful and sell your home, you must create a competitive advantage over the other houses available on the market. Rely on our experience and professionalism to work for your best interests and make good things happen! Pricing, marketing, and merchandising are the keys to a selling success story.

Choosing the Right Price

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Pricing your home in the right price range is crucial to having a successful selling experience. You want to maximize your profit, but you don’t want to overprice the home. Overpricing causes potential buyers to pass on and can result in the home languishing on the market even if the price drops eventually.

Take advantage of our experience in the real estate market to assist you in properly pricing your home for a quick sale. Our goal is always to sell at the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of hassle.

Marketing Solutions

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It’s unrealistic to believe that simply putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard will produce a buyer with a full-price offer in hand. Your home needs to be marketed and made available to a large pool of potential home buyers.

Take advantage of our “77 Point Strategic Selling Plan”, whereby we will sit down with you and review the ingredients for a successful marketing campaign. Have an idea? We’ll listen to you. After all, it takes a team effort to sell a house.


Presentation is everything to a prospective buyer. Trust our years of experience with more than a thousand real estate transactions under our belt to get your home in the kind of shape that makes potential buyers take notice.

Superior Customer Service

Rest assured that you will be treated professionally when you have Top Choice Real Estate work for you.Bob Morris

Count on us to return your phone calls, answer your emails, keep you in the loop, and look out for your best interest throughout the entire process. We have a long track record of exceptional customer service.


How Much Will Your Home Sell For?

There’s a lot of information and opinions out there from friends, the news, and the internet about the housing market. When you come to us, you can trust that you’ll receive more reliable information as we do the type of research that gives you real options and answers.

We’ll siphon through all the sales and homes currently on the market to come up with solid facts about what homes like yours have sold for, how long they were on the market, what kind of costs were involved, and more. Combined with our years of experience and marketing techniques, you’ll have a very good idea of what your home will sell for.