Posts made in September 2016

Sales Continue Strong



Central Indiana real estate sales continued on an uptick, increasing 8% in August over a year ago.  Prices were up as well, with the median average price pushing $154,900 (up 3% from a year ago).  New listings continued to lag the pace of sales, resulting in a tight inventory situation.  There are currently 11,334 homes for sale in the KCentral Indiana MIBOR multiple listing service. 

If you’d like to take advantage of those numbers just let me know!

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Multi-Generational Households on Rise


Something that got a kickstart about a decade ago with the onslaught of the Financial Crisis, has continued to trend ever highward.  The number of U.S. households with multiple generations living under one roof now surpasses numbers from anytime dating back to the Great Depression.

Pew Research Center reports that 19% (or nearly one in five households) are multi-generational with more than one generation of adult family members taking up residence.  Over 60 million of us now live in a multi-generational household.

28% of Asians live in such households as compared to about half that number of whites.  Blacks and Hispanics fall in between.  The really big change has come from younger people.  In 1940 63% of seniors lived with younger family members.  Now that number is 24%.  On the other hand, 31% of those aged 25-29 live with another generation.

Those numbers are adding value to houses that can effectively accommodate multiple generations.  If you’d like to explore maximizing your own personal value buying or selling oneK of these homes, just give me a call or text.

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If they can do it in the Rocky Mountains, then…

SKo I spent last week in the Rocky Mountains.  It was a great vacation, but then again, how could you not have a great time surrounded by towering mountain peaks?!

While there I was amazed (absolutely even) by a lot, but one thing struck me as peculiar.  In two different mountain towns we stopped, we noticed mass transit buses running non-stop (even taking bar goers home at closing time).  And not just in an area of a few downtown blocks.  No, these buses ran throughout the county and from town to town.  Amazing!  Idk how they manage it, but it’s a heckuva’ service.

Back home, I’m reading there’s a mass transit initiative on the ballot here in about 7 weeks.  I’m told 61% of voters support it.  Now Idk the in’s and out’s of it, but after watching buses run around the mountains, I do believe it’s past time we flatlanders got our act together on this.

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