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Thinking About Selling Your Home This Spring? Here’s Why That’s a Great Idea

Spring is officially here, and it’s generally a great opportunity to sell your home when the warmer weather comes around.

recent article from outlined key reasons this 2023 spring season is specifically a great time to sell your home, including:

  • Inventory is at historic lows. The fewer homes there are on the market, the more competition there is for those homes, and right now, inventory is at a serious low. According to the article, about half as many homes are for sale today as before the pandemic. CLICK HERE for the Latest Housing Market Numbers here in Indy 
  • Spring is a popular time for home buyers. Spring is historically one of the most popular times for home buyers. Not only is the weather nicer, but finding and buying a home in the spring often means a move in the summer, which is ideal for buyers with children, so they don’t have to move during the school year. So what will it take to prepare your house to sell? Schedule a Hassle-Free “No Strings Attached” Room by Room Analysis What does this mean…. that I walk your property (inside and out) and give my two cents on repairs/improvements that could be done to yield a quick home sale as well as sell for the most $$$.
  • Home prices are still on the rise. Naturally, you want to sell your home for as much as possible, and it’s looking like this spring is a good time to make that happen. While median home prices aren’t at their all-time high — according to the article, that was in June 2022, when the median price in the US hit $450,000 — they are still on the rise, increasing from $406,000 in January to $424,000 in March. So, if you want to take advantage of the upward trajectory, now is a good time to list. CLICK HERE for the Latest Housing Market Numbers here in Indy 

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Housing Market Numbers Just Released for March 2023

Housing data released by MIBOR for March 2023 are in, and the Spring Real Estate Market in Indiana’s 16 central counties has sprung! So Schedule your FREE 12-minute Consult with me Today!

March 2023 Highlights Include :

  • Closed sales are up from 1,878 —> 2,652
  • No change in Price – hovering at 275K
  • New listings are up from 2,209 —> 2,974
  • Average Days on the Market is down from 53  —> 49
  • Active Inventory is down from 3,528 —> 2,944
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Look just Reached an All Time High…

NAR (National Association of Realtors) conducts an annual survey of home buyers and sellers who recently completed a transaction within the last 12 months.

One highlight that did not surprise me a bit was that BUYERS ARE MOVING FURTHER.  The median distance purchasers moved from their previous homes reached an all-time high of 50 miles. Historically, the median distance moved has been between 10 and 15 miles.

Why the huge uptick? Buyers are being driven to the market to be closer to family and friends, with affordability at the top of their minds. Small towns and rural areas are now being considered as inventory is low.

When you are ready, know that our service territory ➡️extends from Columbus and Brown County on the south to Tipton up north and from Greencastle to New Castle.   L👀 k at that map! In recent years, we have sold homes in counties all over central Indiana

Regardless of where you want to move— we can help you get the job done right.  We work harder to make good things happen!