Price is BIG though there are other factors to consider…



Price is big, but other factors can be even bigger when buying a home in this market…

  1. No appraisal is better than having an appraisal.  Some of this risk can be mitigated if a Buyer offers to pay some (or all) of any gap that might arise
  2. Ca$h is better than financing.  Conventional financing is better than FHA, VA, or RD.
  3. “No inspection” is better than “Subject to inspections.”  Inspections invariably cost money or deals
  4. Not being subject to the sale of another property is a BIG plus

Each offer is different, and there may be other factors to be considered (like for example, last week we adjusted post-closing possession, which made the difference between telling my client “Congratulations” to “Let’s go back to the drawing board”)

I am here to help you through the home buying process.  No doubt it’s frustrating though together, we can get you in that dream house. Give me a call (317) 625-0655