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My 2 Cents on Online Offers

I’m pretty sure that you have seen their commercials. They have quite a marketing budget.

Just this past week, I had a few calls from prospective clients asking for my 2 cents on the latest headache for the local real estate agent.  This online platform claims that it is the Easiest Way to Buy or Sell your Home. You fill out a form online and get a free no-obligation offer.

It all looks great until you get down to the real business (because buying and selling a home is still one of the largest transactions most people do in their lifetimes).  They claim that it will be a competitive offer without the hassle but remember two things 1) A big offer does not mean it’s a good offer, and 2) Time is Money. The latest horror story I heard was that the cash offer they received in less than 24 hours was awesome. But then it wasn’t awesome. When the inspection came along, the repair list was a mile long, and it was “Make the repairs or Take the lower price.”  Like $20,000 lower price.  Ouch! It was a BIG WASTE OF TIME, and the Seller had to start all over.

It’s important to keep in mind – these online platforms don’t work for you. They work for investors. So my 2 cents – Work with a trustworthy and experienced Agent. They will be on your side – protecting your interests and guiding you through today’s intense marketplace.

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