Local Market Review – September 2021

The September numbers are in for the Central Indiana real market.  As I’ve been saying, the panic has gone out of the market.  The market has not gone soft, but there is an easing off the gas pedal.  That’s good for all concerned, as a little balance would make the market healthy.



Prices were up 13% from a year ago, but just ½% up from the previous month.  (Foot coming off the gas pedal…)

Sales were down 2% AND New Listings were down 8% from a year ago— making inventory just 2,646 homes for sale.  That’s down 17% from last year this time.  But the available inventory per buyer has started creeping up some, making it so buyers have much better odds of landing a deal on a new home (than they did last Spring).  That makes NOW a much better time for buyers to be out home shopping.

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Below is a snapshot of what’s happening in Marion County. Let’s make your house dreams come true in 2021!