If they can do it in the Rocky Mountains, then…

SKo I spent last week in the Rocky Mountains.  It was a great vacation, but then again, how could you not have a great time surrounded by towering mountain peaks?!

While there I was amazed (absolutely even) by a lot, but one thing struck me as peculiar.  In two different mountain towns we stopped, we noticed mass transit buses running non-stop (even taking bar goers home at closing time).  And not just in an area of a few downtown blocks.  No, these buses ran throughout the county and from town to town.  Amazing!  Idk how they manage it, but it’s a heckuva’ service.

Back home, I’m reading there’s a mass transit initiative on the ballot here in about 7 weeks.  I’m told 61% of voters support it.  Now Idk the in’s and out’s of it, but after watching buses run around the mountains, I do believe it’s past time we flatlanders got our act together on this.

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