Curb Appeal— is it like Sex Appeal?


The power of curb appeal is undeniable.  I’m always amazed that many, many people decide on a house without even looking inside.  Thinkaboutit… people spend over 90% of their time at home inside, the next big chunk of time on the backyard deck, and about the only time they spend outside in front of their house is when they pull into the garage or are mowing the lawn!  Yet, the majority of home buying decisions are made based upon how the front exterior looks.  (Now, that does kinda’ sound like how sex appeal works!)

I often get asked by home owners getting ready to put their house on the market, what repairs should they make?  Well, based on how most people make most home buying decisions, the answer should be pretty straight forward— can we say “curb appeal!”  That’s right.  The first step in selling your house is going to get all those people staring at online pictures of homes to drive by, and then to get those who do drive by to make an appointment to actually see the inside of your house.  Btw, for every 500 people who view a house online, about 1 will work up the courage to go see what it’s all about!  (I’m not sure what they’re afraid of, but that’Ks how it all works out.)

For help in figuring out how to maximize your curb appeal (and do so with a reasonable budget)— call me.

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