How many showings should you expect?

Now that’s a good question!  And that’s exactly what I said when I was asked this this very question earlier today, while meeting with a homeowner who wants to become a seller.  I mean, you’d think it would be a pretty simple question to answer.  Right?  Haha, LOL!

A few years ago I stumbled on some data from one of the big companies that schedules showing appointments for thousands of realtors.  I did a lil’ math and figured out they were scheduling on average about 2 appointments per month for each property.  Obviously some enjoyed more showings and others less, but 2 per property was the average.

Today, I figured I could just google the question and get the answer without doing any work.  Haha, LOL again.  So, I dug into our local numbers and if I did all the math right… (drumroll, please) I figure the average listing gets 6 showings total while it’s on the market.

That’s probably less than most sellers and realtors would like to see, but that is the average.  And that’s reason for realtors to employ marketing that will drive people to see a house, for homeowners to put a shine on their house (especially the curb appeal), and for all parties to price a property to draw attention and good offers!  And for sure, when someone calls to schedule an appointment, it behooves everyone to do all in their power to make the necessay arrangements to get those buyers inside the house!

Selling a house doesn’t take a village, but it does take a partnership.  And working together we can generate more than 6 showings on average— and that does up the odds of receiving a strong offer that results in a sale.!