Can Your Yard Help Raise Your Property Value??

Absolutely! Your yard truly is an extension of your home—make the most of it.

When preparing your house for sale, do not forget the exterior. In today’s seller’s market, potential buyers are combing through desired neighborhoods to get a jump on their competition. Make sure your yard is well maintained because it WILL be the first thing they see. Consider these tips …..

Maintain Your Lawn

Boost curb appeal by trimming overgrown plants, investing in outdoor upgrades, and refreshing your home’s facade. Keep your grass in good shape with regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing.

Create Privacy Through Landscaping

Focus on both style and function by selecting elements like shrubs or hedges that are aesthetically pleasing and add privacy at the same time.

Keep Your Yard Well Lit

Choose fixtures that complement your house and provide sufficient illumination to key areas like the porch, garage, side doors, and sliding glass doors.

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