Best ROI in Home Improvements

I get asked this question a lot from clients – if I do “xyz” project, will I get the $$$ back when I go sell?

Life is a balancing act and wanting/needing to upgrade your home is no different. It is incredibly challenging when selling is in your immediate future. Below are some popular home improvements with their ROI. Surprised?? I am not.

Kitchen Remodel – 62%

Basement – 63%

New Wood Floors – 91%

Bathroom Addition – 50%

If you are not sure if there is a project that makes sense to tackle, give me a call at (317) 625-0655 to discuss specifics! I offer a FREE Room by Room Analysis with “No Strings Attached.”  I am happy to give my two cents on repairs/improvements. Ultimately these projects should yield a quick home sale as well as sell for the most $$$. Email Bob at to schedule today!