Who’s Selling in Indianapolis?

A recent survey commissioned annually by the National Association of Realtors answers that question quite nicely.  Read on…

In 2015, the average Indy home seller was 50 years old and had owned their home for the previous eleven years.  The eleven year hold period is longer than the nine year national average, and roughly twice what was common in decades past.  Undoubtedly, downward price pressure during the Great Recession caused many would be sellers to hold off for better prices.  But, now that prices have been on a strong uptick, sellers are finally motivated to put their houses on the market.

The primary reason cited for selling and moving was the home was too small (18%), followed by a change in family situation (16%) and a declining neighborhood (15%).

92% of home sellers utilized a Realtor’s expertise.  On average, houses were on the market for four weeks before an accepted offer was achieved.  Sale prices averaged 98% of the final list price (which is to say that sellers got awfully close to their asking price).

Now, if you’re tossing around the idea of selling, and would like some insight into what price your home might sell for, what improvements might be cost effective/beneficial to a sale, and how it could be successfully marketed— just give me a call.

“I work harder to make good things happen!”  -Bob