When Do the Most Homes Sell in Central Indiana? 

Everyone seems to know, but as the saying goes, “Numbers don’t lie.”  During the past year, June was the biggest month, with 4064 closings.  That was followed by August with 3802; with May and July not far behind.  April, September and October also surpassed the 3000 mark.  The slowest months for closings were January and February at 1901 and 2146.

Now, some of that may have you scratching your head, because it sure seems like it was crazy busy in February and March this year, with bidding wars being the subject around the water cooler and at the local pub.  So what gives?  Well, closings typically follow offers by 30-60 days, as people work through inspections and mortgage approval.  Which is why it was, in fact, crazy busy during the February – May period.

Home Sales by Month
3144      October
2817      November
2773      December
1901      January
2146      February
2966      March
3212      April
3739      May
4064      June
3702      July
3802      August
3144      September

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