Tips to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

The last thing you want to do is regret buying a house. It’s typically the largest purchase you make, and something you have to live with (and in) for some time.

But people regret buying houses so often, it has a fancy term that gets thrown around—“buyer’s remorse.” Whether it’s that they feel like they spent too much money, they bought in the wrong neighborhood, bought the wrong house, or worry that the house is too small, it’s common for people to regret buying the house they bought.

It happens in any market, not just a fast-paced one like we’ve seen recently driven by the pandemic, low inventory, and low mortgage rates. But this market certainly hasn’t made it easy to avoid buyer’s remorse as The New York Times points out in this article.

The problem is, many buyers just don’t prepare themselves to be well-informed, confident buyers in whatever market they happen to be buying.

Fortunately, you can avoid buyer’s remorse, and not just in a “hot” market. Click here for some things you should do to avoid it.