Tips on selling during the holidays

Selling a home is no doubt a stressful time. Add the craze of the holidays, you may need some advice from the experts. We asked our real estate agents for tips that can help minimize the stress and possibly get that SOLD sign up before the big guy 🎅 comes to town.

  • Consider potential buyers spiritual backgrounds 🕎 in your market before decorating for the holidays. Keep it simple
  • Less is more when decorating a home for the holidays while you are trying to sell. Limit the amount of holiday-specific decorations that are displayed
  • Large over-size Christmas trees 🎄 and other holiday decorations consume space that might make rooms or landscapes appear smaller
  • Install and remove exterior holiday decorations ~2 weeks before and shortly after the It’s less distracting
  • Tum off lighted holiday decorations 🌟 before showings. Buyers should focus on your home and not your decorations
  • If you are having out-of-town house guests, ask your real estate agent to postpone showings until after your guests depart
  • Help potential buyers visualize 👀 your home in other seasons. Display summer photos of home / gardens to show off other features of the home
  • Before showings, remove snow ❄️, ice and leaves from walkways and driveways. Don’t overlook outside entrances to basements, garages, and porches. And don’t forget the pet dirt 💩. It’s a turn-off to buyers

Hope these tips help to keep stress levels to a minimum during the holiday season. If you need to talk through your specific situation, give us a call. Happy to help!