So you wanna’ see a couple houses, do ya?

Some people see a sign in a yard and want to see that house immediately- like right now!  For others, well, they have to work up some nerve before scheduling an appointment to actually walk through a house that’s caught their eye.  Regardless of when the time is right for you, here’s a couple thoughts that will enhance your experience…

#1  Do your best to email, text or call a day or two in advance of when you might actually like to see a house or group of houses.  There’s a couple reasons for that— the sellers may need notice to crate a dog.  Or someone else may have already scheduled a showing for that time slot.  And my schedule (while flexible) does fill up.

#2  If possible, be a little bit flexible about what day or time you could schedule an appointment.  Have a couple options in mind.  (See #1)

#3  Btw, scheduling to see several properties, one right after the other, is a far more efficient use of your time.  It’s also a better way to measure one house versus another, and to gain a feel about what works for you and what doesn’t.  What’s the best number?  I think most of my clients would probably say 5 is about right.  Any more than that and they all start running together in your mind.  And if you look at 5, there will be a couple that you’ll just not like and will rule out immediately, a couple that’ll be ok but just not “IT” and hopefully one that floats your boat!

#4  When scheduling appointments, it really helps a lot if we communicate back and forth swiftly.  Otherwise, openings will close up and you’ll be back to square one.

(Now, for some reason there’s always someone who thinks I should be available 24/7 on demand for them and them alone.  Sorry, but I don’t work quite that way.)  I do my best to make things work for everyone, but my schedule does fill up.  And LOL I haven’t yet figured out how to be in two places at the same time.  On one hand I apologize for not being available.  But on the other hand, would you really want to work with someone who is available always?  I mean, what’s that tell you about their business?  One of the reasons I am busy is because I do make an effort to take care of my clients’ needs.  I do work harder to make good things happen!!  You know, I view this whole process as a partnership— and working together we’ll be successful in you obtaining the home of your dreams!