Programs that can save you money

Happy New Year! I have had a few of my clients ask about these programs being offered by our partner, Caliber Home Loans, so I wanted to share them with you….

Whether you are an Active Buyer or Seller in 2023, there are some great programs available that can save you money. For example:

Rate Rollback Program where you can buy the house you want now and get a lower payment if rates go down in the next couple of years by refinancing. It can save you money in two ways when you refinance  (1) on the monthly payment and (2) pay no lender fees

Lock ’n Shop or Lock’ n Sell programs where you lock in your financing. Spend more time and energy finding your perfect home and less time worrying about financing

Temporary Buydown is a mortgage option where homebuyers can purchase their homes with lower monthly mortgage payments to start. Many loan types, like VA, FHA, and conventional loans, allow buydowns

If you would like to dive a little deeper to see if one of these programs is viable for your situation, call or text me at (317) 625-0655. I am looking forward to serving you in 2023!