Looking for a house to flip?

I just closed two house purchases for two successful fix n’ flip artists.  It got me to thinkin’ why these two particular individuals are so successful- while others seem to never get off the ground.

You know, I get a LOT of calls from people looking for “good deals” on houses to fix n’ flip.  For the most part, the callers fall into one of two categories.

1)  There are the guys n’ gals who talk to me on a regular basis, and then we select the properties with the best potential and we go look at them— inside and out, in bad weather and good, whenever.  Assuming they can do a decent job of estimating costs and getting the work done, they are the successful ones.

2)  Then there are the people who say, “when you find a good deal call me.”  Sorry, but like I said, I get a LOT of calls for these properties.  So why would I want to work with someone who doesn’t want to get off the couch and dig in and do the work necessary to be a successful fix n’ flipper?  (Btw, the people in this category are not usually the successful ones.)

‘Nuff said.  If you want to be a successful fix n’ flipper then you really need to put in the time so that you buy right.  It all starts there.  And btw, we’re a team.

Have questions about how to do successful fix n’ flips— call me!