Let Me Be a Resource

So it appears last week’s email resonated with a few of you. (If you missed it – I announced a home I just listed SOLD within days, and my client’s 30-day project remodel yielded an additional $30K than anticipated. It was one heck of a success story!!) 

Well, I got a few calls. Telling me that I was NUTS to think an EXTENSIVE 30-day project remodel could be done in today’s environment. I, of course, had to inquire since my client JUST pulled it off.

“I called XYZ a week ago, and I am still waiting for a phone call back.”

“And when they do call back, the quotes are so inflated; they must have thought that I said I lived in Carmel.”

“My wife called and said the Contractors did not show up again.”

So how did my client do it???

She had me. In this industry, Relationships and Experience Matters. With over 40+ years of experience, I have been involved in every aspect of the biz. A Buyer / A Seller. An Appraiser. An Inspector. A Builder. A Contractor. That experience brings a wealth of contacts and not just any contacts either. Time-tested partners that I would trust you with.

So give me a call or text at 317-625-0655, and let me help – wherever you are in the journey!