Is it Time to Replace Your Front Door?


I just got an email in my inbox asking me if it’s time to replace my front door?  The message was kind of long and in the end, was pushing for me to buy a big ol’ expensive door.  Idk if that’s what’s needed, but I do know that if you’re selling your house you need to take a good hard look at your front door.  That old adage about “never getting a second chance to make a good first impression” sure does apply to your front door.

Potential buyers may be distracted talking while walking to the front door, but then and there they have to pause as the agent finds the keys and gets all of the locks unlocked.  Meanwhile buyers gaze around the porch area and basically stare at the front door.  Whether it looks all shiny and well taken care of or is all scratched up, dirty and full of cobwebs sets the tone for the entry into the house. Sometimes, deals are made and lost right there.  Heck, I’ve had people stop at the door and sputter, “I, uh, think we’ve changed our minds.  We’ll just skip this one.”

Don’t let that happen!  For a very minor investment you can turn a bad situation into a good one.  Spruce the Kdarn thing up!  Wash it, caulk it, paint or varnish it; but one way or another get it looking sharp.  “Small hinges swing big doors!”  This could be one of those times.

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