If You Need Results In This Market

April numbers are just in for the Central Indiana market.  Interestingly enough it shows 

  • Inventory remains very tight
  • Prices continue to rise
  • Sales were down 2% from last year at this time 

But you wouldn’t know that last statistic from where we are standing.  Our sales are running ahead of anything we’ve made happen in the past five years.  No doubt, it IS a tight market so we have had to adjust our buyer’s strategy.  Just yesterday, we were able to win a bid for a client who had been struggling to find that perfect home.  They finally saw one on-line mid-morning and thought it may be the one!  So I made a call and learned that the seller had not only received an offer but had already sent out a counter offer.  As you can imagine, it wasn’t looking good for the home team.  So, we hustled right over to the house and my buyers said “Yes, this is it.  What do we have to do to get it?”  I waved my magic wand (just kidding).  Actually, I reached up the ol’ shirt sleeves and pulled out a trick or two, then got right to work.  Less than four hours later, my buyers had an accepted offer in hand and are now on their way to the home they really want.

Moral of the story— when you want AND need exceptional results, give us a call, text, email, or even send a smoke signal…

We work harder to make great things happen!