How Much is the Payment?

It’s a question I get asked a lot (like all the time, and understandably so).  However, it’s actually a more complicated question than most people think, because it involves loan calculations, property taxes, home owners insurance, maybe even flood insurance or HOA dues.  Payments are also affected by the type of financing (ie. FHA, VA, RD, Conventional, Contract or RTO) and the amount of the cash down payment.

But, there are some averages you can use to arrive at a “quick n’ dirty answer”.  Today I’ll give you what the AVERAGE payment looks like for a home bought on contract with a $5,000 cash down payment.  Here goes—

PRICE               PAYMENT

50,000             360

70,000             520

90,000             680

110,000           840

130,000           1000

150,000           1160

170,000           1320

190,000           1480

210,000           1640

230,000           1800

250,000           1960

Keep in mind that contract terms are always negotiable between the buyer and seller, and that can sometimes result in payments that are more or less than the averages I’ve listed here.  But, these average numbers should work for you when looking at houses and evaluating whether they’re in your pricing wheelhouse or not. K

Now, if you’d like to put together a strategy to get the best terms— then give me a call.

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