How Can I Make My Real Estate Investments Tax Free?

Have you ever thought about investing in Real Estate?  Thought you had to toss that pipe dream out the window because there wasn’t enough capital around?  This may be the perfect time to revisit this dream of yours.  With a downturn ⬇️ in the stock market just around the corner, why not put your hard-earned $$$ money $$$ into Real Estate?  I have had a number of my clients put their IRA funds into Real Estate.

Here’s something to muddle over …. Take tax-free capital and invest it in Real Estate.  You can then defer the rental income and capital gains far into the future.  As a bonus, you get to compound your gains without the pesky (you know who) interrupting your investment strategy.  Generally, you only pay taxes when you start taking distributions from the IRA.

Now, not all IRA’s are set up to do this.  However, “I know a guy” or a company actually.  They’ve helped a number of my clients to buy and sell real estate to enhance their portfolios.  If you’d like to learn how this could work for you, simply give me a call at 317-625-0655 or shoot me an email. Let’s make that pipe dream a reality!