House Envy. It’s A Real Thing

Credit: My Job Quote

What a Superbowl 🏈Game! CHIEFS did it again – pulled it out in the last quarter! Between the chicken wings covered in Lynn’s secret family BBQ  sauce or the seven layers of happiness, I sure ate way too much.

While recovering, I came across this infographic and thought how true it is. Over 70% of homeowners in the US have copied a neighbor’s decor. Top areas include indoor/outdoor furniture and color schemes. Hopefully, this doesn’t surprise you. Because its human nature – someone tried the latest trends and it worked. So why not try it in your own house.  😉

Wondering how this relates to buying/selling a house … I see it every day. Most SELLERS need to update their homes to sell fast and get top dollar.  But instead of consulting with an expert, in the field, they compare themselves with their neighbors. Then they go out and spend thousands of $$ dollars and hundreds of hours in sweat equity for a small return.

We all know that 9 out of 10 BUYERS want a move-in ready house.  They don’t want to update it once they move in (because they most likely just updated theirs!)

So if you are planning on selling your home 🏠 in the very near future and BEFORE you spend up to $10,000 to compete with the Jones, Consult with an expert, not your neighbors. I offer a FREE Room By Room Analysis with “No Strings Attached”. I know first hand what buyers are looking for.

Not selling this Spring? No worries – there are benefits in talking with me early – Give yourself some time to plan for those repairs/home improvements. Happy to help so when the time is right – you can yield a quick home sale as well as sell for the most $$$.