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I get calls all of the time from people asking about XYZ property.  It doesn’t register.  So I do a quick search— but nothing comes up.  So we talk a bit more and I tell them I’ll do some research and get back with them with what I find.  This happens all of the time- like every day.

What happens next is pretty much routine.  I start down a list of websites which includes Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, etc.  Sooner or later I find the XYZ property, and after cross-referencing it with other public records I discover that the property has already sold or is winding its’ way through the foreclosure process.  Those that are lingering in the foreclosure pipeline are not available to purchase- no mater who you call or how many times you call.  You can fuggetaboutem.  Someday down the road (months or even years from now) they’ll be brought to market- that is, if they’re not purchased for cash off the courthouse steps.

And the ones that have already sold?  Well, they’ve sold and are no longer available.

So, if you want to buy a house, and want to have the first crack at new houses as they come onto the market, then go to my website and click on the Available Properties tab.  From there you can select whichever tab/property type appeals to you; OR you can select All Properties and then make use of the EZ Button OR you can select the House Finder Service (and after telling us what you want we’ll do all the work to find the perfect property for you!)  Going this route, you’ll have access to all the latest in information that could possibly be available.

So, why do those other sites have old information and advertise houses that have already been sold?  Well, they’re aggregators, meaning once a week or every couple of days they sweep up info from other sites and then label it their own.  But, because they do not operate in real time, their posts are sometimes stale.  Others just leave properties on marked Active even though they’ve been sold so that possible buyers will call them and they can sell them a different house.  So, back to the paragraph above, if you want the most accurate, current info available then head on over to my website!  www.indyschoicerealestate.comK

And P.S. if you have questions, just ask.  I’ll be happy to make your search successful and more convenient!

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