Deal breaker— removed!

un fountainOne of my pet peeves is road noise.  I mean, when I drive down busy thoroughfares with lots of traffic, and loud traffic noise… I just wonder what in the world makes people buy homes along noisy streets when they could buy someplace quiet.  Idk, maybe they live inside the house all of the time, with the tv blaring and the a/c humming away?

But, anyway, just last night I was pulled up to what looked to be a very nice house.  As I got out of my car, I noticed road noise.  I got a disgusted look on my face and thought this is probably not going to work.  As I walked through the house I was favorably impressed.  Then when I stepped out back, I got a shock!  Surprise—- no road noise!!!  In its place was the delightful and tranquil sound of water.  The owners had four small fountains running in their pool.  I was so impressed that when I got home I had to check out the cost of this simple solution.  Another surprise- these fountains cost like $29-39 a piece.  Wow!  It got me to thinking, and I figured that even without a pool, a homeowner could put in a fairly simple water fall for a cost of a few hundred dollars; or even less than a thousand for something pretty creative.  At any rate, that sure sounds like a simple, cost effective cure to what might otherwise be a deal breaker.  Thinkaboutit!