Buyer Demand is on the Rise ⬆️

Buyer Demand is on the rise, shifting the real estate market to lean towards favoring Sellers. On top of the continuous inventory shortage, Sellers appear to have the upper hand.

The surge in Buyer Demand is likely due to several factors:

  • Remote Workforce
  • More People Spending Time in 1 Home
  • Pent-Up Demand After Spring Shutdown
  • Life Events Don’t Stop!
  • All-Time Low-Interest Rates

In a Seller’s Market, your real estate agent, Bob, is more valuable than ever.

  • To Educate You on Today’s Market
  • To Prepare You for When You Do Find That Dream Home
  • To Be That Expert That Puts All That Legal Stuff in Layman’s Terms
  • To Keep It All Organized and Streamline the Process

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