As Inventory Tightens Down Payments Increase

It’s basic supply and demand from Econ 101.  The number of homes for sale relative to the number of buyers, has been doing a steady march down in recent months.  That means there are fewer homes available for buyers to choose from and when they do find a good one they need to pull the trigger (if they truly want to become a home owner rather than a home shopper or renter).  On the flipside, those home owners who want to be home sellers— well, now is a good time to do just that.

One measure of the relative tightness of the market can be found in the amount of cash it takes to buy a home on contract (ie with seller financing).  A couple years ago, deals were occasionally put Ktogether with as little as $2 or 3,000.  Now, you can fuggedabout doing that.  Double the number.  $5000 is now the entry point for making a good deal work.

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