Another Reason to Call Indiana Home

Indiana doesn’t fit with what has taken place on either coast.  Prices there are in “bubble” territory and subject to a significant correction.  Here in Indy, not so true.

  • In ALL my years in the industry, we just don’t see the BIG swings in prices in Indiana.  While we don’t gain massive amounts of price appreciation, we also don’t get hurt much when prices nationwide turn south
  • Our fundamentals are still solid.  The median home price in Central Indiana is $209,000.  With a 5% down mortgage, the payment on that priced home runs right around $1,275/month.  Median household income is $60,000/year or $5,000/month.  1,275/5,000 = 25.5%.  That’s less than the 28% qualifying guideline established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and much less than the 31% max over at FHA.


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