9,015 Homes For Sale

The Metropolitan Board of Realtors (“MIBOR”) just released sales figures for the month of May.  Here are the highlights:

  • Sales were stronger earlier this spring buying season than last.
  • And yet May closings were up 18% over April’s. (There’s no doubt it’s shaping up to be a strong year!)K
  • Sales for the past 12 months are up 7% over the previous 12 months period.
  • Median sales price continued to increase, sitting at $168,000 for May.
  • May sales brought 96.3% of their original asking price, meaning the average house listed at $100,000 actually sold for $96,300.

While supply is tight, there were 9,015 homes for sale at month’s end.  9,015.  That’s a LOT of houses to choose from.  Let me know how I can help you be a new home winner in this tight market environment.  — call me, “I work harder to make good things happen!”  -Bob