6 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off

When homeowners are thinking of selling their home, I provide a free Room By Room Analysis with “No Strings Attached”. What this means is that I walk the property (inside and out) and give my two cents on repairs/improvements that could be done to yield a quick home sale as well as sell for the most $$$.

Whether you are ready to sell or not, below are some home repairs that should be done sooner than later. If not handled timely, it can cost you more time/dollars in the long run.


It doesn’t cost much, but it does an important job –  keeping water (as well as air) from being in / coming in places that it shouldn’t be

Roof Repairs

A leaky roof can lead to big problems — structural damage, mold, loss of personal property

Pest Problems

Rodents 🐿️  🐜  🦇 that crawl and fly — if they’ve taken up residence in your home, they can cause havoc at inspection time

A Plumbing Leak 💧  

Any type of leak can do significant damage to your home. Your significant other may want new kitchen cabinets, though imagine the cost of having to replace the flooring as well as the basement ceiling. YIKES!

Peeling Paint

Fresh paint definitely makes your house looks pretty, but it also keeps your home dry and rot-free. If it’s starting to peel, it’s time to inspect

Drainage Problems

Clogged gutters, downspouts that don’t direct away from the house, improper grading – all put your home’s foundation at risk and invite water indoors. Check them out next time it rains

Until next time, make it a good one!