10 Quik Spring Cleaning Tips

Some people love spring cleaning, others…not so much. While cleaning is not usually the first thing on our minds when spring weather finally arrives, it really is the most basic form of home mainatenance and a great way to care for our homes. Sometimes the hardest part of a home maintenance task though, is knowing where to start and getting going. So here are some quick and easy spring cleaning tasks that are a great place to start!

  1. Clean Ceiling Fans- So you don’t turn them on and swirl dust all over the room.

  2. Launder or Vacuum Curtains – This is not only refreshing, but it will help to eliminate the dust, dander, pollen and other allergens that may have accumulated on the fabric over the long winter–which could exacerbate spring allergies.
  3. Dust- Dust, dust, dust. Clean all the surfaces in the home.
  4. Vacuum Furniture – Clean the surface of pet hair, dust and other dirt, and don’t forget to lift the cushions and vacuum crevasses too.
  5. Clean the Windows – This not only makes your windows look nicer, but helps to let in more light.
  6. Open windows – Leave those windows open to air out the house. It smells great and also helps to let stagnant air and indoor allergens escape.
  7. Clean the Oven – OK, this task stinks. But I saw a good video onlinefor making it a little easier.
  8. Clear the Cobwebs – A dust buster or small vacuum is great for paying attention to all the corners and crevasses of your house and sucking away dust bunnies and cobwebs.
  9. Clean the Refrigerator – Clear out old food, wash removable shelves and drawers in the sink, and place a new baking soda box for odors. For more on cleaning refrigerators click here.
  10. Organize & Purge – Clean closets, organize drawers, and sort through the stacks–somewhere underneath the piles of mail, laundry and over-due library books is your house! This is also a great time to start a collection of old clothes or other items from each family member for local donation.