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Do You Know What An Home Inspector Looks For?

Home inspections are a must-have when buying a home, and understanding what the inspector will be looking for can be helpful. That way, problems can be identified early, and you can decide if they need to be addressed before closing.

But what, exactly, are inspectors looking for during a home inspection?

recent video from outlined some of the potential issues home inspectors are looking for during the inspection process, including:

  • The foundation. One of the first things many inspectors will look for are potential issues with the home’s foundation. For example, can they see any visible cracks in the concrete? Are all the windows, walls, and doors straight—or are they off-kilter?
  • The roof. The inspector will also climb onto the roof and look for evidence of wear or past leaks. They may even crawl into the attic to see if there’s any leak-related water damage.
  • The appliances. The inspector will also go through the home and check the functionality of all the appliances. For example, is the kitchen sink draining? Does the garbage disposal work? Do all the sinks, toilets, and faucets in the bathroom work—and are there any leaks?

 FUN FACT: In my earlier days, I used to be a home inspector. Today, my clients find it a HUGE benefit when working with me. Give me a call at 317-625-0655 if you have something you want me to look at.

And just like that…

And just like that, the Seller’s Market has cooled. As I said last week, the days of multiple offers with crazy bidding wars have ended. Inspections are thankfully back! And it’s giving the Buyers some time to breathe and think about one of the largest purchases in their lifetime. ALL GREAT NEWS FOR TODAY’S BUYER.

The average house in the Indianapolis area is now listed at $300K. And the ones listed above are New Builds. We are getting long lists each week from area builders of their inventory – Ready to Move in’s and Soon to be Ready! Also, Good for the Buyer; Builders are throwing in lots of extras to entice you.

If you are ready to jump back in, call me at (317) 325-0655. Inventory is plentiful!

ATTENTION BUYERS: It’s happening ….

Did you know that for the first time in three years, there are as many new listings coming on the market as there were as many price drops!


This past week, we listed this beauty in Hendricks County, and within four days, it had a very solid offer at asking price. From the Buyer’s perspective, it was close to stress-free as it could be compared to what the market looked like a few months ago. No crazy Bidding Wars. An Offer with an Inspection! And enough TIME to really think about it. Are you thinking what I am thinking??? It was a BUYER’S DREAM!

If you have been holding off on buying due to the housing market, it may be time to start looking again. Call me at (317) 325-0655.