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Just Released: Local Market Update | April 2022

Housing data released by the MIBOR BLC® comparing April 2021 to April 2022 shows:

  • An increase in Median Sales Price of 15.5 percent to $275,000
  • A decrease in Closed Sales of 3.6 percent to 2,987
  • New Listings decreased 5.8 percent to 3,870

This data is proof that although inventory is still low, demand remains high. In this market, things are moving quickly, and Buyers and Sellers need an Experienced Agent to guide them through these times. Unfortunately, You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t be fooled by a “fast talker.”


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Is the Housing Inventory About to Rise?

I am not telling you anything new. Housing inventory has been at a record low. Of course, that’s been great for homeowners who want to sell HIGH. Though for the Buyer, it has been challenging to view affordably-priced properties.

I believe A SHIFT IS ON THE HORIZON. Here’s what I am seeing :

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